Day 11: 31 Days of Pandas

Not that this means anything, but in 2 days, we will have a palindromic number designation: 13:31. I know, I know. Who cares, right? All we really care about is whether there is a new cartoon to read and is Bubba in it and did the Russians hack into the data base at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire? And not that this number is significant in any way, but last Wednesday’s cartoon was the 100th new ‘toon of the year, and is it not some kind of cosmic coincidence that tomorrow is the Cublanta Twins’ (version 2.0) 100th day birthday! Can’t wait to hear what their official names will be be. Of course here, they shall forever be known as Six and Seven, thanks to the quick thinking of Atlanta panda fan, Stacy Watts. Naming rights on the Panda Chronicles Pantheon of Pandas will get you…um…I’m sure it will get you something. I just don’t know what.

But First, today’s travels with Mini Bob…


Mini Bob plays the Palace

Well, not THE Palace, but a smallish (at least in terms of palaces, in general) palace at Kew Gardens. Note that we had something resembling sun that day.

And now, on with today’s ‘toon, where we rejoin our story of Pinky’s disappointment, with a little bit of Bubba’s real life tummy ache thrown in for good measure.


Ruh Roh…I’m gonna hurl!

Poor Bubba! While in real life, Bei Bei had a lemon sized lump of bamboo stuck in his intestine, I thought it was more in keeping with the spirit of this ‘toon if Bubba ate a few too many cuppycakes. And who doesn’t hate listening to someone else toss their…um…cuppycakes?

Meanwhile, Christmas (which according the certain Republican lawmakers is now allowed to be named again, and Starbucks will be punished if their Holiday cups aren’t Christmas-y enough) is closing in and besides donating to your favorite charity, I hope you will also decide that your nearest and dearest could really use a good laugh this year. And what better laugh-i-gator is there, besides the whole Panda Chronicles book series? Huh?

Panda On
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “Day 11: 31 Days of Pandas

  1. Cheryl Sargeant

    I LOVE the twirling propeller on Bubba’s beanie when he starts being really queasy…really funny, a great comedic touch! Of course, I am/was as distressed as all panda fans over his plight..but now that he is on the mend, the panda-toon is, as always, so cute and funny when Bubba and the rest of the family are at it.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I have to admit, I held off making some ‘toons about this until we were reasonably sure he was on the mend. As we have recently seen, pandas are not invincible, even when they have excellent care.
      Glad you like the spinning propeller. It is Bubba’s sure sign that he is agitated about something. Mostly it is Pinky that gets it spinning. :o)))

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      yes! I was just commenting to someone, that I didn’t want to do a ‘toon about this until he was out of the woods. Of course nothing is ever certain, but hopefully he will make a full recovery and certainly seems to be heading in that direction. He does have his energy back (and probably likes being spoiled.)
      Ane even General Bun doesn’t like to listen to barfing.


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