Day 10: 31 Days of Pandas

I’m late! I’m late! I don’t know what happened to me yesterday, but I just couldn’t compel myself to get today’s post ready yesterday, and deciding it was more important to finish the new ‘toons, I decided to delay, but not delete! So onward, with day 10 of 31 days of pandas!

Mini Bob at London’s Cartoon Museum

31 days

Mini Bob is such a rebel! (notice no photography notice)

Comics are really big in Europe and Great Britain. I’ve visited cartoon museums in Brussels, Belgium in addition to this one. There are several museums in the US, including a really big collection at Ohio State University, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. This is definitely on my “places to visit” list! Mini Bob insisted on being photographed here, despite the “No Photography” sign. He is such a rebel! Like the museum we visited a few years ago in Belgium, this one had a wonderful display of political cartoons, going back a couple hundred years. Just saying!

Panda On!

6 thoughts on “Day 10: 31 Days of Pandas

  1. Cameron Cat

    Oh, Lordy…I can see the headlines in tomorrow’s “Mirror” now:

    Yank cartoon bear yanked at London cartoon palace in photo rules dust-up!
    Explanation is not black and white. (Extra: almost “bear” lady photo on page 3)

  2. Cameron Cat

    Ack, sorry! It’s the Sun the does the Page 3 girl, not the Mirror. Anne, if you could change that in my post before it goes up, I’d be obliged.


    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Sorry, apparently I can’t edit someone else’s post. I can only approve it or delete it. Hope sharing this comment will mitigate your glaring error. :o)))))))
      Plus, yes! what a scandal!

  3. Teresa

    Oh, Bob T., is that what little pandys learn at kindergarten? just look at that rascal face has Mini Bob.
    I look forward to having Pinky news soon. Lil’ princess is adorable (and unresisdabel)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mini Bob enjoys being a rebel, just like the Pandy Kindy.
      Pinky will be back soon. You just can’t keep her down, no matter what.


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