Could we have some fun for once?

No…we can no longer have Nice Things.  The problems of racism and economic inequality have long been with us. Now, HWMNBN has given very explicit permission to the people who behave badly towards others, and to exercise that bad behavior unapologetically.

I know that much of what we see in videos and opinion pieces, are designed and edited to elicit our outrage and horror.  We may never go back to the way things were but I hope we can think about if they were the way we want things to be. I know this isn’t how I want things to be.

The new slogan of the GOP seems to be” “Keep us in power, so we don’t go to jail.” Who needs a 58 page policy platform?

Much better to keep the bad behavior to bears!

Oh, Bob, you didn’t really say that, did you?

And look who Bob’s suspension replacement is! Huzzah!

Mehitabel did NOT approve this cartoon.

Archie, is that you?

We KNEW that was you!

I was really afraid this was going to happen.

Now where did that cat go?

Despite the fact that Bob is still wearing his vacation outfit, he’s back and ready to report!

But maybe you should be careful what you admit to, Pinky.

Mehitabel! Can you take a meeting?

Economics and privilege shouldn’t be a zero sum game, that in order for one person to do well, another person has to suffer; how can someone think that one couple’s marriage lessens the validity of another? Maybe we can all work toward making EVERYONE’S life better.

Keep the dialog open, folks! Um…maybe not like this:

This was way too much fun. :o)

Keep panda-ing on, folks
Bob T Panda



10 thoughts on “Could we have some fun for once?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      One of the great things about having done this for so long, is that I have a BIG back bench of ‘toons to draw from. I’ve quit worrying about how long ago I ran a particular ‘toon, because it seems like everyone enjoys re-reading them as much as I do! And Pinky ALWAYS likes it when she is the featured panda.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I did this just for you (okay, and Pinky made me do it.) I was pretty sure this would make you happy.

  1. Aimee W

    I’ve reached my limit for today. I have a huge stack of books to read and I spend too much time on twidder and reading the horror stories in the newspaper. I feel like I am going to lose it soon if I don’t take a break. HWMNBN is a monster who never gets tired of abusing us. Will there ever be retribution for what he and his henchmen have done to this planet? Your humor keeps us afloat. I wish I could do the same for you. We could all use Pinky’s magical wand right now.💖💖

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I hear ya on the deluge of terrible horrible no good things. I’m glad Pinky can help. She always cheers me up! And knowing that you are in your little refuge, with plants and birds and Larissa the wonder kitty gives me peace. I really wish I had Pinky’s magical wand too. I’d take care of a few things!

  2. Vicky V

    Loved this classic catchup so much!
    Pinky’s best line – pinky could get mad!
    Bob’s best lines – you don’t look very rested & I didn’t know cats ever worked 🙂

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I love catching up with the classics! Helps me remember that I am funny! Ha ha! I crack me up. One of my favorite Pinky lines: “it was …um…kind of spontunerous”

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Fun fact: sometimes when I can remember how to spell a word, Pinky makes up new variations!


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