Bob Finally Concedes the Election…

We know, we know…the election has been over for months, but we were…um…busy, and besides, Babette de Panda insisted that the panda kindergarten be allowed to recount ALL the votes  Needless to say, votes were eaten, tummies needed to be um..waited on for “evacuation,”  cuppycakes needed to be consumed. Sigh… nothing is ever easy around here.  Meanwhile, Babette wants to know just what she is meant to do with all those conservative “first girlfriend outfits” that she bought (with Bob’s credit card) for her new role as our nation’s hostess du jour.

Well, three votes isn't too bad, is it?

Well, three votes isn’t too bad, is it?

And from the tooting-our-own-horn department, it has come to my attention that there is a photo circulating around the internet that shows a congressperson with NASCAR-type stickers all over his suit.  I’d like to point out that the original cartoon suggesting this came out a week ago, right here on The Panda Chronicles, so once again, Bob and all the pandas here at The Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire have predicted humor trends once again.

In other Panda News, Young Master Wu, our nation’s youngest (and some might say cutest) panda is about to make his public debut at the San Diego Zoo tomorrow. We are sending the panda kindergarten to report on the story, so don’t forget to tune in next week to see their in-depth coverage of this event! I do hope they don’t get into any trouble!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. what-was-that-about-my-credit-card Panda

12 thoughts on “Bob Finally Concedes the Election…

  1. ginny Snyder

    Just Ask. we’ll toot your horn any time. Thanks for keeping us current on the really important matters..humor, and not so much.

  2. Linda McCoy

    Coincidentally, I’m just drawing a credit card themed drawing as we speak. Don’t you dare think it was your idea first Bob T. You are just quicker with the “send” than I am. 🙁

      1. Linda McCoy

        Nope. I haven’t gotten inspired to draw Mr. Wu yet. I have Tai and his 2 buddies shopping at the gift shop at Chengdu with the card they stole from a PU guy. Don’t know when I’ll post it..soonish maybe

        1. Bob T Panda

          Have Tai and his buddies started hanging out with the panda kindergarten? This behavior seems to to point to some bad influences. Tai has always been such a good boy. It would break his mother’s heart if she found out about this. (for a price, the panda kindergarten will keep mum about it)

          1. Linda McCoy

            I couldn’t figure out how to reply to a reply so this may be out of context. 🙁 Tai has been involved with the Panda kindergarten many times in my drawings. He’s taken on the role of teacher/role model/good example in ways that would make his mama proud. However, the outcome has been less than stellar in every case.
            What is it about the Panda Kindy that makes them unconquerable? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with cuteness though.

          2. Bob T Panda

            It’s true, he has tried to provide a good example…I forgot. It’s just that…sigh…they are so darned naughty and completely resistant to reformation. I take full responsibility for their naughty-ness. Maybe a quick word on the QT to Tai to be careful not to be unduly influenced by them.

  3. Norma Cooper

    I just discovered how to use my hotmail on my mini iPad, and this is the first thing answered from there. Tai probably does his mother proud, but the lovely Babette de Panda is always around handing out the chippy cakes, and hugging and kissing the P. Bears.
    Mr. Wu was trust upon the world stage Wednesday, by the lucky folks working at the zoo, and dudes with expensive cameras and some card saying they are news photographers, right, anyone can fill that bill if they really try. Wu showed them…..he slept in the mote. Once he heard the real Pandaholics were coming on Thursday, that was his best moment. Go Wu. No matter what the kindergarten says……..Wu will be ready for his first day of school, can hardly wait, love grammmie

    1. Bob T Panda

      I just watched wu “meet the fans” and I could hardly keep from squealing. He will make another appearance here this coming wednesday…stay tuned. The panda kindergarten was not invited to that cartoon, but you may see that he is picking up a few bits of attitude from them.


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