A Tribute in Pandas

You may recall that a few weeks ago, we lost one of our dear members of the panda community. Jayelle was a fierce defender of her family, her friends, all animals (especially pandas) and her beloved NASCAR races. One of the panda fam suggested I do something incorporating her avatar (a panda with a checkered racing flag) into a ‘toon.

Never one to resist taking a simple idea and loading it up with a bunch of other stuff, I share with you now, this 3 part series that celebrates at least some of the things she loved.

Pandas go to the races!!!

Who will win? Six and Sebben battle it out on the track!

be the bear, everyone!

Panda On !
Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “A Tribute in Pandas

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you. I think I can hear her chuckling from above! More to come later this week. (Six and Sebben insisted on having their story last for more than one episode!)

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      As you know she did. It must be so hard having your life partner gone so suddenly. My heart breaks every time I think of it.


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