A Farewell to Pandas

We knew this day was coming… the day when we would have to bid a fond farewell to the light and the hope of Washington DC, the inimitable Bao Bao. Here, in these pages, she is better know as Princess Pinky, the terror of Connecticut Avenue, purloiner of Banky Pigs, and tormentor of little brothers. I did not set out to make her a tyrant. It’s just how she evolved. And, I gotta say, she has been a blast to write and draw, and just because the actual Boa Boa is being sent to her ancestral homeland, it’s no reason that Pinky can’t remain here.

Sorry Bubba. She refused to go.

So, as she prepares for her journey later this month, let’s have a tribute to Princess Pinky!!!

Pinky tests her powers….

Pinky has always stood for…um…Pinky’s rights! Aw…this was a cake walk to what’s coming now.

National Zoo cub makes mom Mei Xiang disappear

Pinky gets her wand!

Princess Pinky is fooled by Mei Xiang at the National Zoo

Oh Princess Pinky, mom has a trick or two up her paw, I think…

Princess Pinky paper doll

Princess Pinky and her very first tutu, gifted to her by her big brother Tai Shan!

deleted footage from press conference

Pinky answers difficult questions from the press in her own way. So much for Fake News!

Don’t worry, we’ll bring you more of Pinky’s greatest hits all through February!

And hold on to your hats! Book 7 of The Panda Chronicles is making it’s way through production and will hopefully be available by the time of the Atlanta Cubvention! Stay tuned to this station. And in the meantime, make sure your library is up to date with all the other Panda Chronicles collections!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda!

6 thoughts on “A Farewell to Pandas

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you! The first time I published a book, I had a couple years in reserve, so I was able to publish 2 a year, but since Book 5, I caught up and now it takes me about a year + a couple months to have enough ‘toons for a whole book. Oddly enough, many of them star Pinky. I tried to make this her brother’s book, and he is there a lot, but…you know, Pinky!

  1. Cyndi

    i love early Pinky., when she was as round as a ball on her fuzzy bum. unlike he brudder, Bubba, who resembled a 10# bag of flour!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bubba: i resemble dat remark!

      Early Pinky was so much fun to draw. She had such an air of poise and presence from her youngest days. It has been so much fun watching (real) Pinky, and drawing the fictional one.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I am really sad Bao Bao is leaving too. Fortunately, Pinky will remain here, the better to torment her little brother.


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