Hug me now!

Well, it turns out there really IS a Panda Channel!  Who knew?   Just saw a short film on the Panda Channel Of a panda getting a massage and bath and then going to his playroom!

Just goes to show you that I can’t make anything absurd up, without it being true!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

PS There is NO truth to those rumors that are floating about facebook about me and a certain french panda!

Stay tuned to the Panda Channel for an update: Mei-Xiang: Preggers, or malingering opportunist?

2 thoughts on “Hug me now!

  1. Vicky Brown

    Just curious why cuppycakes is so small on the image above… shouldn’t that box be at least equal to Panda Olympics? and maybe in bold… 😉


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