Zippity Zoom* It’s the last day of the A to ZZZZZ Challenge

* Thanks and apologies to Nancy A.( who coincidentally just sold her first book! Huzzah!)  for using your title, but hey! Z’s, you know?

Yes we have reached the zenith of the A to Z (some might say the nadir), the zero hour, my zombie like stare, from too many hours staring at zee computer. (talk about cheap shots!)  How can I equate something that starts with “Z” to pandas? why, zoos, of course!

But, I promised you a new cartoon, didn’t I? And without any more zigzagging from zonked out cuppycake crazed pandas, here ’tis:

Zee mystery is about to begin!

Zee mystery is about to begin!

But I think you need a few more cartoons to make this a worthy finale, and what could be more appropriate than a couple of episodes of ZooNooZ, the only news show that looks the same whether you spell it upside down, frontwards, backwards, or upside down and backwards!  It’s like a multidirectional palindrome!

Did he really have to tell them THAT????

Did he really have to tell them THAT????

What happens in Vegas.....

What happens in Vegas….. (notice the lampshade? you might want to remember that later.)

Bears are on the ball!

Goodnight everyone!

Thanks for letting the pandas come and play at the A to Z Blog Challenge. We now return you to our regular schedule of pandas.

Be the Bear,
Bob T. Panda

17 thoughts on “Zippity Zoom* It’s the last day of the A to ZZZZZ Challenge

  1. M-Lou

    My inner panda sez, dat David Owens of Da New Yolker, unless he’s fathered as many cubbies as Da Great Panda Pan Pan (ancestor of 17% of pandas in captivity), dat David Owens he should leave Tian Tian and his technique alone!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Well, ‘xactly!!!!!!! It’s getting so that boy pandas just can’t hold their heads up in public. all those girl pandas, reading The New Yorker, looking over the top and snickering at them. What’s a panda to do?????

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I too did not get to as many other blogs as I had hoped during the month. Hopefully I can make up for it now that I don’t have to come up with a new post every day. Heading over to visit you! (I’ll leave the pandy kindy at home.. They are kind of…um…destructive inquisitive.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      You’re welcome. As many of you long time readers are aware, I relied heavily on the archives. Doing a new cartoon or drawing every day in December is hard work. (But, of course, totally worth it!) Next year..well, later this year, when I do it again, I’m changing the name to Pand-O-Wri-Mo in honor (or rather a blatent attempt to copy the popularity of) NaNoWriMo, and other such month long writing challenges.

  2. Anna

    Poor Da Mao in Toronto is facing his own smearing in the media: “Zookeepers resorted to artificial insemination after female Er Shun signaled she was ready but Da Mao proved to be a clueless adolescent…Apparently he hasn’t learned about the bears and the bees, because he ignored Er Shun’s scent and mating bleats, which sound ‘like a little sheep.'”

    I always thought Er Shun would be the aloof one in all of this since she tends to be more aloof and Da Mao more outgoing, but instead, she was like “Hey! Hey… DA MAO! I’m… are you still eating ‘boo?! Come here! Put the bamboo down NOW!” He’s probably going “Ew! What are you… you want me to WHAT?! Gross!”

    The part in the article about getting panda semen flown to Canada is particularly hilarious, too!!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Oh, dear, poor Da Mao. How embarrassing. And then to top it all off, some smarty pants American cartoonist is probably going to make fun of his “lack of savoir faire” in a cartoon. Oh dear.

      1. Anna

        Well it IS that time of year…! No news yet from Memphis but I did see a video last year of Ya Ya chasing off Le Le like she was mad at him. Panda mating videos in the US are hilarious because the female gets SO mad when the male doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing!

        Poor Er Shun tho… Da Mao didn’t even TRY!

          1. Anna

            [Er Shun is placed with Da Mao as the keeper watches their interactions…]
            Da Mao: What about breakfast?
            Er Shun: You’ve already had it.
            Da Mao: I’ve had one, yes. What about second breakfast?
            [Er Shun turns and walks off in disgust]
            Keeper: I don’t think she knows about second breakfast, Da Mao.
            Da Mao: What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? She knows about them, doesn’t she?
            Keeper: I wouldn’t count on it. Now um, are you going to do your…um…bear business or should we…??
            [Da Mao has a mouth full of ‘boo leaves and looks at keeper in horror. He spits out the leaves]
            Da Mao: Can a guy EAT around here?!
            Keeper: Yeah… time for science. We just had some panda semen flown in from China in case this happened….!
            Da Mao: Panda WHAT!?
            Keeper: Don’t worry about it… just… keep eating…!

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            hahahahahahaha! Excellent script. I’m seeing it in my head now. You have a future in panda satire.

  3. RZT

    Sorry I did not get to visit more on the A to Z but I have now visited 2000+ blogs since the letter A . . . .so . . . . . . .PHEW.

    Congratulations on getting to Z and all the very best for the future. Will be continuing to follow because that is the sort of chap I am

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Whoa!…2000+ blogs. That was a load of work! Thanks for helping to make the A to Z happen. It’s quite the bit of work. Glad you have been here to visit the pandas (and I’m REALLY sorry about your wallet, we’ll try to get those credit cards back to you…bears will be bears you know!)
      Come back any time!

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