Y? Because I LIKE pandas, that’s Y

Yoohoo! here I am, having successfully made it to the penultimate day of the A to Z Bloggers Challenge, where I have worked my way through the alphabet, demonstrating the relevance of all letters to pandas.  Yes, you’ve had to yawn through my yackkety-yakking, yadda, yadda, yaddaing about pandas, but so what? It could be worse, couldn’t it?

Couldn’t it??????

Besides, what could be cuter than pandas wearing yarmulkes?

Today, you are a bear.

Today, you are a bear.

Or even better, pandas doing yoga:

yoga for pandas

All salute the sacred cuppycake!

And then we have the Year of the Rabbit…

The year of the bunny.....

The year of the bunny…..

Oh that panda kindergarten!

Oh that panda kindergarten!

The Year of the Dragon…

the year of the dragon, panda kindergarten

Huzzah! it’s the year of the Dragon!

I skipped the year of the snake, because…hello? snakes? and moved right on to the Year of the Horsie!

panda cubs on rocking horses

Huzzah! It’s The year of Pandas on Horsies!

And lest we forget, The Panda Chronicles operates under the banner of Your Brain on Pandas! OK, well maybe it’s my brain that’s on pandas.

I want to send a special shout out to a couple of the blogs that I really enjoyed and either was already following or am now following: The Art of Not Getting Published, The Ninja Librarian,  and The Pedestrian Writer. There are many more good blogs that participated, and I look forward to working my way through the list as what with writing a post everyday, I had less time to read other blogs than I had hoped I would.

Meanwhile, progress is progressing on Pandamorphosis, my wordless picture book. Stay tuned to this very blog for very excited announcements when it is ready to hit the street.  Meanwhile, my interview about Kickstarter on Whidbey Air Radio’s show Isle of the Arts, has been rescheduled for next Monday.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.

Till then, Be the Bear and Panda On!
Bob T. Panda

11 thoughts on “Y? Because I LIKE pandas, that’s Y

  1. Anna

    LOVE the bunny costume!!! Kudos to running in those heels!!

    And poor Mr Wu, he put together his adorable Horsie revue with no blowtorches or pranks and Miss Princess Pinky sabotages it 🙁

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      What could be cuter than pandas in bunny suits? OK, pandas on plastic rocking horse, of course. Mr Wu will always be upstaged by Princess Pinky. It is his lot in life, such an easy going boy, that he is.
      Glad you liked it!

      1. Anna

        He’ll be remembered fondly for trying to make a drama-free panda kindy show! We all know Princess Pinky will always be blatant in her hijinks, and that may throw everyone off the scent of the Twinkies being up to no good! They aren’t called Mei-Hem for nothing 🙂

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Alas, poor Bob, he shall ever hope, but that hope shall be unfulfilled, as the pandy kindy pulls the rug out every time. And just because Pinky and the Mei-hem twins are girls, don’t expect better behavior, as we have seen. As you so rightly say, they don’t call them “Mei-hem” for nothing!

          1. Anna

            Wu says it’s Pinky’s fault. She poofed the Mei-Hem twins into “icky GURLS” and now they won’t play with him.

            PP: Think I wanted more girl-pandas? *Stamp stamp stamp* I just wanted to play in the cubhouse!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I can’t believe I missed so many good “Y” words. Well, if I used them all up, I would leave none for my commenters. :o) Glad you are yearning for more, because the pandas just won’t quit.

      1. Vicky Vladic

        I was always worried that there would be no words left for my alterations so I am thankful that you left some for us 🙂
        You can’t keep a good panda down – even harder to keep cheeky ones down!!


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