You know you should never ask Pinky!

Thank you to my talented web guru, I once again have the Classic Editor to set upon my posts. He put in a different plugin to allow me to have my luddite tendencies a bit longer. It does seem to be doing this strange thing once again. where I lose the connection temporarily, but it does seem to allow me to keep typing.

I don’t know. It’s all a mystery to me.

But Meanwhile, here is Pinky, once again, with all the answers!

Will Mei ever learn that it doesn’t pay to ask Pinky anything?

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “You know you should never ask Pinky!

  1. Teresa

    tappitty …. tappitty ….
    The email anouncing The Chronicles has arrived, as always (subscription). The only thingie is when trying to open the page in the browser, it takes time to load / open. But I already see Pinky as great as ever, she is so so smart #Unresisdabel

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’m not sure what’s going on about slow load times. My web guru is looking into the problem , but even he is stumped right now. I’m glad it is showing up as an email for you.


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