You Know What Time of Year This is?

Why, it’s The Panda Season of LOOOOOVE!

Even though we no longer have any participants in The Panda Season of Love in the US of A, we are still interested observers (Not like THAT!!!) of the season! Here are some ‘toons from the archives celebrating this season of Love amongst the pandas!

I hope people haven’t had enough of silly love songs!
it’s the panda, the panda season of love!
The Scottish pandas have had a few disappointments…
A bear by any other name, would still smell pretty funky.
A panda by any other name, would smell…well, they would just smell…
“It was dark….there were men in masks….”
Um…pass the beer and poutine, please!

To celebrate the Panda Season of Love, all feltie panda orders (or any other kind of feltie) will come with a complimentary roll of Panda Season of Love Washi tape. Want to see what we have in the way of Felites? Fill in the comment form below and I can send you pictures of available felt creations.

I’m working on a collection I’m almost ready to launch, which are NOT pandas! What could they be? I just need to make a few more and then I will announce them!

Here is a picture of the actual tape! The Panda Season of Love tape is on the bottom. All styles of tape are available for a set of 4 for $18 including US shipping.

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

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