You knew we were going to do a ‘toon about this, didn’t you?

I have to thank all my faithful readers, who are always on the lookout for actual news stories that might make for good ‘toon inspiration! You all did yourselves proud this time, by making sure that the news story about a rhino poacher who was killed by an elephant, was then eaten by lions. Several of you brought this story to my attention, and although it seemed outlandish, (I mean, who could make this stuff up?) a little investigating on multiple sources showed that this indeed had happened!

It was even mentioned by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show!

Way to co-operate, guys! Well done!

One might hope that people would know better…

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

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2 thoughts on “You knew we were going to do a ‘toon about this, didn’t you?

  1. bankypig

    While I know it isn’t nice to chuckle over someone’s death, there are times when karma works and it can be a bitch! I can’t wait for the “interview” with the participants in this instant justice action.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Right? The true villain in this piece is climate change, (and those who deny or profit from its impact) and the conditions that force people in parts of the world where it’s impact is most harshly felt, to do unspeakable things to try to survive. I am in no way condoning poaching. But if I brought all this up in a ‘toon, it wouldn’t be very funny. The only innocents are the animals and I like giving them a voice and the last laugh.


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