What could be more Fabulous and Furry, but Friday?

It’s Fabulous Furry Friday, once again, coming to you LIVE from The Institute of Contemporary Panda Satire! Yay! Now that John Stewart has retired, does that leave an opening for the Institute of Contemporary Panda Satire to take center stage in the public consciousness?

Nah, we didn’t think so either, but a bear can dream!

Now, allow me to root around in the archives to see what we were up to in…July of 2011!

Should Pandas pay their own way?

Should Pandas pay their own way?

And here we are again, waiting, waiting, waiting….

we are still hoping for a panda cub trifecta

Won’t you tell us what you are going to do, Mei Xiang?

The early days of panda rights groups....

The early days of panda rights groups….



And for those of you who have recently joined us, and want to know where all those pandas came from…

Our corporate organizational flow chart...

Our corporate organizational flow chart…

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane, of historical panda satire!

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Be the bear,
Bob T Panda

14 thoughts on “What could be more Fabulous and Furry, but Friday?

  1. Winky Cat

    Hey, we furry folks like kitties & pannas know dat too much water dries out our furs & removes the essential oils dat give our furs dat beautiful glossy look! And nothing looks worse than panna & kitty split ends. Licking our paws, then smoothing down the furs helps to keep the e-oils going. Plus, we ain’t serving overly germ-phobic, neurotic hoomins. McPanda clientele unnerstands & don’t mind a few licked paws and a widdle fur seasoning!

    Mehitabel, *paw bump*, I was sooo glad to see you were able to slip, “Cat’s Pajamas, Inc” into the org flow chart for some feline balance! And of course, you deserve take credit for “ZooNooz Reports” and “Politics on da Prowl”!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes Politics on the Prowl originated with kitties. I will have to look and see of I can find some of those early cartoons, so you can see how pandas took over and wrecked everything…oh! I mean lifted the standards for Contemporary Animal Satire.

      As to the other issue, split ends aside, I don’t think I want Mehitabel making me a sandwich after walking in her sand box and just licking her paws. Soap and water, PLEASE, OK?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yep! The Way Back Machine is in fine form! There will be more from the WBM next Friday too, but of course, get ready for the return of Pinky on Mehitabel tonite show on Sunday!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      That is a definite advantage! Although I think it would be worth it to be waited on by a panda.

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Ha ha ha ha! I will remember that if I ever find a McPandy’s. (They are not in the phone book.)

          1. Panda in Chief Post author

            It is the International Order of the Panda. We are members in good standing, as are you.

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            Yes, thinking about getting a cubbie can be very distracting. I can’t help but think all of Mama Mei’s activities in her den are more likely to produce a cubbie (or two!) than a false pregnancy. Of course those pandas are very sneaky, not to mention mysterious, so we just don’t know.

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