We weren’t surprised, were you?

And the envelope, please...


It was no surprise that Babette de Panda won the oscar for “Best Female cartoon panda in a movie of 2 minutes or less”  for her role in “Your Brain on Pandas:the Movie.”  We see her here, accepting her award, with the filmmaker and perhaps her paramour (?) Bob T. Panda.  A night on the town is certain to follow!  Hope the panda-razzi don’t catch her in any compromising situations.  A special thanks to her wardrobe consultant and designer of her fabulous gown, Sylvia C..  Well done!

Tune in to morrow to find out if Mehitabel can escape the panda kindergarten.

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

2 thoughts on “We weren’t surprised, were you?

  1. Linda McCoy

    I think you’ve left poor Mehitabel in paws of those kindergarten ruffians way too long. She deserves a can of tuna and a lot of cat nip after her traumatic experience.
    Babette’s gown is stuffing btw. 🙂


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