Mehitabel eludes the panda kindergarten…but for how long?

Mehitabel's great escape....

We last saw Mehitabel being carried away as hostage to the panda kindergarten, who, in their own misguided way, were attempting to inspire people to sign on to the cartoon boss’s Kickstarter proposal.  Several people signed on, but not nearly enough.  Fortunately for Mehitabel, it distracted the panda kindergarten so that she could make an escape.  But this is no time to relax!  They are still after her!  Can Mehitabel outrun the panda kindergarten?  Will she reveal her hiding place after the insult of being called “Mr. Kitty?”  The saga continues.  4 days left to support this worthy project!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

4 thoughts on “Mehitabel eludes the panda kindergarten…but for how long?

  1. taishansooperpanna

    Hopefuwwy da Mehitabelkitty fakes dose pannas out by leavin sum cuppycakes, weafeeter biskits, fwootsickows and appows (mmmmmmmmmmmm, appows!) to distwact tose panna cubbies while she wuns to her kitty pannacave. Dose panna bettur hope dat da Mehitabelkitty doan tell dere mommie monsturs on dem!


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