The Atlanta Surprise! (part 1)

Well knock me down and put feathers up my nose, I couldn’t have been more surprised at the news coming from the Panda Ranch and Day Spa in Chengdu.  Yup,  Mei Lan, Atlanta’s Beauty turns out to be a boy!  I suppose Lun Lun knew, but for some reason she didn’t say anything.  Panda watchers are all scratching their heads in wonder and embarrassment, no doubt.

Here’s the first of 2 cartoons on the subject, so hot off the press our pen is still smoking!

Stay tuned for the 2nd installment (Yes there really is one, it’s just not done yet)!

Till then, here is a little seasonal cheer from the Institute of Contemporary Panda Satire!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

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