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Oh, Bubba. I know that the twins, if they had the power to do so, would offer you refuge from the wrath of Pinky. And Mr. Bun too. Mr. Bun is welcome in Canada anytime, I’m sure. Pinky…not so much.

Hey! Where did Bubba and Mr. Bun go?

Hey! Where did Bubba and Mr. Bun go?

I’m sure that Unka Justin would be happy to add another toddler panda to his herd (embarrassment?) of pandas. Bubba has such a sweet nature, and I’m sure he would like some other pandas his own age to play with. And things are getting very hot back at the home den.

Repressive regime, indeed!

But things may start heating up on the electoral home front, as we anticipate the return of Mittens the Cat to the Panda-litical stage. Yes, that’s right. I have heard rumors that Mittens has been released from the Home for Delusional Animals where he was confined after the last election cycle four years ago. There is speculation he has a new “fur-do” but the same old policies. Will Pinky and Bob have to join forces to combat this totally unsuitable candidate?

Stay tuned!

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Bob T Panda