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The Meihems Will Not Take This Lying Down

“No good can come of allowing other pandas to have opinions”

~Princess Pinky in her recent book: World Domination the Princess Pinky Way

Pinky might be of the opinion that the Meihems have a unfair advantage, what with being twins and more than a month older than Pinky. She could possibly have a point, because from the beginning, they have given as good as they’ve gotten, at least when it comes to Pinky’s shenanigans.

So is it any surprise that they have a response to Pinky’s most recent accusations?

I didn’t think so either!

Pinky: “if i want you to have an opinion, i’ll give it to you!”

A hearty welcome back to pandas fans who once were lost, but now have found their way back to the panda kindergarten, along with new readers who have found us for the first time!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

Stay tuned for the premiere episode of our latest retold (panda) tales extravaganza starting this Wednesday, coming to an internet cafe near you! It’s a little story we are calling, Pinky in Wonderland! There will probably be a few breaks during the story as we catch up with our reading in the Lewis Carroll original! It’s been a while since I last read it so… also some other pandas were anxious to share their stories, including Zhen Zhen’s big adventure tale (based on a true story!) and the reveal of Bebe Maurice’s new outfit and chosen interest!

Stay right in your seat! You don’t want to miss a single frame!