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More from Beary Poppins and Welcome to 31 Days of Pandas!

Here we are! It is December 1st! We have survived (so far) but there are still weeks to go before January 20th, and even then, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Mittens. But we strive to embrace good cheer this month, because 31 Days of Pandas is now in da house!

Today we have another episode of Beary Poppins. complete with another tug at the old heart strings. Tomorrow…well, we’ll just have to see about tomorrow! In addition to the daily ‘toons (some new, some old) I thought that maybe we would try a little experiment! I’m calling it The Daily Panda Deal. I have various odds and ends remaining from various thingies I’ve made, and while I adore having boxes of things in my studio, (ha ha, just kidding) it would be better if I could send them to YOU at a special Black and White Friday deal.

Quantities are limited (some things more than others) so in order to give everyone a fair chance, requests MUST be placed via the Buy Stuff With Pandas comment form at the bottom of that page. That way, I have a record of who ordered what when, and can send an invoice via Square. The Daily Panda Deal will follow the day’s ‘toon offering. The Post Office is telling us that if I mail things before December 18th, they should get to you by Christmas, but who knows. Recent packages have taken more than a week to reach their destinations.

But now! On to our feature ‘toon of the day, another episode of Beary Poppins!

Bikkie loves Beary Poppins! Also Rory the Dinosaur by Liz Climo

The Daily Panda Deal for December 1

Today’s Panda Deal is a set of Panda Chronicles Washi tape! You can decorate all kinds of this with this tape. You could even take plain ornaments and wrap a band of tape around them and you would have fun panda ornaments! Normally $20 + shipping for a set of 4 tapes, today’s deal is $15 + $4 shipping in the US. Remember to use the contact form on the Buy Stuff with Pandas Page to order.

This deal is  for December 1st only!

Tape is slightly over 1 inch wide and 10 yards long!

Here is a picture of the actual tape!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda