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Surf’s Up!

Oh those wild and wacky sea going mammals! If it’s not orcas attacking boats off the coasts of Spain and Scotland, or swimming around the Puget Sound with a fish on their head, it’s surf board stealing otters in California!

Let’s go surfing’ now
Let an otter show you how
Come on a safari with me!

Be the Bear!
Bob T Surfin’ Safari Panda

Fugitive Tigers Terrify in Tornado Tempest

I am much better at finding “P” words than I am at “T” words, other than Trouble that starts with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for PANDA!!! The Nooz crossed my screen about some tigers that escaped during a recent tornado that touched down somewhere in Georgia, fell on the fence of the tiger enclosure and wouldn’t you know? Cats, being cats, they escaped! Hopefully they didn’t find any poodles (poodles are what tigers like best!) and maybe only found a shouty blonde congress”person”.

Here kitty kitty!

I wanted to let those of you who *might* miss me on Twidder (No judgment if you’re still there, but I just can’t bring myself to be there) that Substack has this new thing called “Notes” which is a Twidder-like conversation space. In fact, it is enough like Twidder, that it has Elmo pissed off and he is blocking links to Substack posts. (Hopefully without the a**holes, but we’ll see) and I think if you are subscribed to any of the Noozletters there (like mine, for instance) you can converse there too. Is it worth it? Who knows? But if you want to say hi to me there, you can. You can follow this link to get started.

Be the Bear
Bob T watch out for tigers Panda

Australia is STILL burning…

The Iowa caucuses are happening as I type. I hope we Dems can choose a candidate without crippling them. There are good things I can say about much of the pack, and I am truly sorry that Booker, Castro, and Harris are not still among them. I have my current fave, but who ever wins the Democratic nomination, that’s my candidate.

I have not been able to watch or listen to the impeachment trial proceedings, except in small doses. Adam Schiff is inspiring and it gives me some small glimmer of hope that there are still people serving this country who have our best interests at heart.

We aren’t going to get everything on our wish list in one candidate. The important thing to remember, is that I don’t think this country can survive 4 more years of HWMNBN and his band of evil minions.

Meanwhile, can we send some of our rain to Australia?

Do I smell smoke?

I’m working on my lists of happy panda recipients, and I’m hoping that my packing materials arrive soon, so I can start sending out the first group of pandas! I am happily making pandas in my little panda workshop and it is doing it’s job in keeping me off the internet quite so much! Huzzah!

Keep being the Bear!
Bob T Panda