Australia is STILL burning…

The Iowa caucuses are happening as I type. I hope we Dems can choose a candidate without crippling them. There are good things I can say about much of the pack, and I am truly sorry that Booker, Castro, and Harris are not still among them. I have my current fave, but who ever wins the Democratic nomination, that’s my candidate.

I have not been able to watch or listen to the impeachment trial proceedings, except in small doses. Adam Schiff is inspiring and it gives me some small glimmer of hope that there are still people serving this country who have our best interests at heart.

We aren’t going to get everything on our wish list in one candidate. The important thing to remember, is that I don’t think this country can survive 4 more years of HWMNBN and his band of evil minions.

Meanwhile, can we send some of our rain to Australia?

Do I smell smoke?

I’m working on my lists of happy panda recipients, and I’m hoping that my packing materials arrive soon, so I can start sending out the first group of pandas! I am happily making pandas in my little panda workshop and it is doing it’s job in keeping me off the internet quite so much! Huzzah!

Keep being the Bear!
Bob T Panda

12 thoughts on “Australia is STILL burning…

  1. Linda Lawrence

    When you’ve finished making all those tiny pandas, maybe you could think about making/selling some Kevin Koalas — he’s adorable (if a bit scorched)!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Ha ha! I have a few pandas to go yet, but I am playing around with it. Would it be tacky to use a little black wool for the scorched marks?

  2. Vicky V

    From the “thanks mate” to the “bloody hell” to the smoking koala this cartoon had me in stitches! Thank you for supporting our koalas (Aussie pandas) and thinking of us during this awful crisis.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      You’re welcome. I’m trying to make a Koala, but I haven’t gotten “the look” yet. I guess I know what pandas look like really well.

  3. billieandhersite

    I love little Kevin Koala, and the fact that Bob and Mehitibel have him as a guest. He is adorable, and he is sweet! And what a great public service you did for Australia! You are so good!
    I had the Pitiful State of the Union speech on mute so I did not have to listen to the Orange Idiot. He is awful. Somebody wrote his speech which was full of the worst crap I have ever heard. One of the insults to mankind was to give that bigoted racist inhuman Russ Limbaugh a Medal of Freedom. So many lies and and half truths.
    Tomorrow I will watch the end of the Impeachment. And I am making a list of Republican Senators I plan to call periodically to remind them of the Orange Idiot and what he is doing to our Country. I also have bought a few Constitutions from Amazon, and plan to give the out to people who would like one. I want people to question me so I can give them a Constitution and say to them that we need to see what the Constitution says.
    Prednisone is keeping me awake.
    Take care, O Felting Queen!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I don’t have medicine keeping me awake. It is all the Orange Menace. I could not watch the SOTU. Pinky *may* be preparing a response. Meanwhile, I shall panda on, felting and using panda satire as an antidote to the craziness. I could;d not listen to HWMNBN’s “victory lap” that he took this morning. I am to the point where I believe the Dementors (aka the GOP) would cheer as 45 skewered his enemies heads to put on pikes surrounding the WH. Scary times.
      Felty support pandas will be coming soon!


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