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One Step for a Small Bear…

Oh dear.

It is Friday the 13th. I hope nothing bad happens today.

We will try to counteract the potential preconceptions of the day by sharing some good news! Firstly, earlier this week Bubba took his first steps on all fours! He was heartily congratulated by Mama Mei, so today we celebrate…

One Step for a Small Bear…One Giant Panda for Bearkind!

#6 is getting ready to make his move!

#6 is getting ready to make his move!



And who could forget Mr. Wu’s valiant attempts at his first step?

"Howdy do! I'm Mr. Wu! Who are you?"

“Howdy do! I’m Mr. Wu! Who are you?”

And then there are the pandas that made history with the first moon landing…oh…um…it wasn’t pandas? I must have misspoken. My mistake.

One step for a small bear....

One step for a small bear….

And, as I promised, or at least implied, that there was more than one bit of good news, it is this: The Panda Chronicles Coloring Book will be available very soon! Huzzah! I am waiting for my proof copy before I hit the “GO” button, but expect an announcement as early as next week.

Get your crayons ready!!!!

Get your crayons ready!!!!