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The Tax Man Cometh (Beware the Ides of April)

For those of you who are waiting till the very very VERY last minute to do your taxes, Huzzah! You have until Tuesday! In addition to my own taxes, I have completed the Panda Kindergarten’s tax returns. Fortunately, none of us made any money, so that made it all so much simpler.

Hopefully, none of you show up at your accountant’s offices this way:


The only sure things are Pandas and taxes.

Apologies in advance to all of you who are waiting on the edge of your seats to read the continuation of Bubba and Pinky’s (and Ping!!!) story about going to visit Yip and Jip in Canada before they move to Calgary.  Not to worry, Bubba and the gang (and PINKY!!!) will return soon! I have been feverishly working on a response to the Foxxy “News” insulting report on pandas. Yeah, if we WANTED to bite you, you would be in big trouble!

No nonsense to be found here!

Panda on!
Bob T Panda