Pandas Are Standing By

Yes, this is a little like those endless pledge drive on public radio and TV. My Kickstarter project will go live next week, on Wednesday, June 7th, tentatively at noon. I thought it would be fun to share some of the Kickstarter and other panda fundraising ‘toons I’ve done in the past. If nothing else, the first one explains how Kickstarter works, as told by pandas because….

Pandas are standing by to take your call!

and that’s what it’s all about!

Oh, Mr. Kitty!

Poot Poot! (This was for you, Cami)

Says Babette de Panda: “It’s all about MOI` “

Our lack of taste is only exceeded by our sense of the absurd.

fundraising on Kickstarter

Ha ha! George Clooney… where do those little pandas get these ideas?

I hope this trip down memory lane of Kickstarter projects past gets you excited about this project, since it’s been a couple years since my last one, to publish Pandamorphosis.  If you’d like a sneak peak preview of what’s in store, check out this preview link!

Be the Bear and Panda On
(we spare no panda cliche!)
Bob T Panda

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