Oh Come On. That’s Not a Panda

Yesterday was International Red Panda Day! And no, we don’t mean that pandas are communists. We’re talking about those cute little guys called red pandas and while they are from the same neighborhood and do have that sort of thumb thing going on, they are not closely related to giant pandas. (“Yeah”, say’s Wu. “We’re much bigger, maybe even GIANT”)


We were invited to come on board over at V Something Speaks for her celebration of Red Panda Day, but in case you didn’t go by there, here is the cartoon starring Rusty, the Red Panda who escaped from the National Zoo in Washington DC, until they finally caught up with him at Georgtown Cuppycakes have a little afternoon repast.

"They'll never catch me!"

“They’ll never catch me!”

I think Rusty is a excellent candidate to join the panda kindergarten, don’t you?

Hope you had fun on Talk Like a Pirate Day and International Red Panda Day!
Pandi-darity forever!
Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda


8 thoughts on “Oh Come On. That’s Not a Panda

  1. Anna

    Rusty could teach the panda kindy a thing or two! He WAS found in the Adams Morgan area of DC which I hear is quite happening!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Rusty is quite the guy about town! Although he is a little grown-up to truly be a member of the kindy, I think he would be a good counselor for them, don’t you?

      1. Anna

        I think so! Rusty unfortunately became a widowed dad to 3 cubs this summer so it may do him some good to be around the panda kindy

        1. Panda in Chief Post author

          Everybody would benefit from time with the pandy kindy. ( unless you have a cookie in your pocket. Then you might be in…um….trouble.) Rusty will be a …um…good influence.

          1. Anna

            I’ve learned just to show up bearing cuppycakes.

            I still can’t believe he did that! Waited for the bamboo to be heavy enough to climb 🙂 He could help them with their um… problem-solving skills… yeah… that….

          2. Panda in Chief Post author

            It is ALWAYS a good idea to show up with cupcakes. Rusty is a clever boy and I think the pandy kindy will learn a lot from him. yeah…problem solving skills! that’s the ticket!

  2. Vicky Vladic

    Vote 1 Rusty for the Panda Kindergarten! (I’m sure he was eating red panda red velvet cuppycakes at Georgetown Cuppycakes)
    Doesn’t he look cute as Bao Bao? Rusty and Mehitabel look great together too.
    Mr Wu won’t mind welcoming Rusty – after all Wu is a GIANT panda 🙂

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I think rep panda red velvet cuppycakes are rusty’s favorites. I think that if Rusty can keep the girls in line, Mr. Wu will be all for Rusty coming on board. I think that he will be…um…a good influence on the kindy. Bwahahaha!


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