And now for the Sunday Special!

Special what? Oh, I don’t know…I was looking for a word to go with “Sunday”, and “special” popped into mind. Just ignore me. It’s OK.

Well, meanwhile on the Pandamorphosis front, preparations are proceeding apace to launch Pandamorphosis into the world.  Thanks to all of those who have offered their support, not only with my Kickstarter project, but also with the upcoming book launch, now scheduled for April 16th (yes, THIS April 16th) just in time for International Panda Day.  And no I am not making this up!

Meanwhile Friend to Pandas, Henry Nicholls posed the question, “which would the panda kindergarten prefer: Regular Pepsi or new Pepsi Max? ”

Whichever one has more sugar in it would be my guess. Afterall, scientists have now determined that pandas have a “sweet tooth.”  Hello? cuppycakes?  Just sayin’.

enquiring minds want to know....

enquiring minds want to know….

And a quick note, I’ll be participating in the A to Z challenge, where I will be posting daily for the month of April.  We are to use a letter theme for each day (A to Z, right?) Ah, if only every day could be the letter “P” but I’m sure somehow I’ll manage to make everything panda related.

Till Tuesday, then,
Be the Bear!
Bob T. Panda


8 thoughts on “And now for the Sunday Special!

  1. Ann feldman

    Hmmmm! Maybe the caffeine content? The thought of the Panda Kindy on caffeine is a little, um, scary, yes?

  2. Anna

    Oopsie Max with max sugar? Oy vey! Add some cuppycakes to it and those pandas will climb 30ft in 2 seconds or dive-bomb their hammock non-stop! They could have a fun competition with that!

    As a Pepsi Max addict myself, it has no sugar (but the “devil” aspartame) but 69 mg of caffeine vs regular Pepsi’s 35 mg of caffeine per 12 oz can. I’m the only one at work who likes to drink it…everyone else is scared of it because it’s so loaded! LOL It’s really evil. One day, it somehow showed up at our house… NO idea how… and it’s the only soda we drink!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      oooo! More sugar AND more caffeine. Huzzah. I’ll be peeling the panda kindergarten off the ceiling. I’ve mostly given up soft drinks myself. But not caffeine, of course.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’ll find out more about International panda day and report. I want that hood ornament too….hmmmm maybe I can find someone with a 3-d printer.


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