It’s Fabulous Furry I-almost-forgot Friday

Oh my!

I have been so busy getting Pandamorphosis ready to make it’s way into the world, that I completely forgot that it was Fabulous Furry Friday. This will not stand, Man.

Here are some classics from the panda archives!

is it....

is it….

...time for....

…time for….

...a little something?

…a little something?

Last week I was looking for this cartoon, as there had been some footage of wild pandas captured by hidden cameras. Smile, you’re on Pandid camera!

The secret lives of the wild panda!

The secret lives of the wild panda!

And another reader asked what the inside of my head looked like, in order to come up with all my goofy ideas….

What's that stuff getting all over my paws?'s frosting!

What’s that stuff getting all over my paws? Oh…it’s frosting!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Stay tuned for more news about Pandamorphosis! It’s coming and it’s coming SOON!







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