Look out Beary Poppins! Here comes TROUBLE!!!

I’m not sure this is what Beary Poppins signed up for!

But before we get to today’s feature, did you know the PDXwildlife is having an auction to support their important panda research projects? Why yes they are! And did you know that there is a Mommee and Cubby felty being offered as one of the items? Why, yes there is!

If you miss out on bidding on this item, never fear! You can get a felty from yours truly and STILL support PDXwildlife. For the Month Of December and remainder of November, I will donate $5 from the price of each felty sold.

There are some great things on offer over at the auction, including some beautiful black and white original ink drawings by Kathy Morton-Stanion.

And now…onto our next episode of Beary Poppins! Is trouble just around the corner? Let’s find out, shall we?

Don’t you just LOVE six and Sebben?

Oh, here is a photo of the felty for The PDXwildlife Auction!

Mommee Mei with a tiny Biscuit

Be the bear!
Bob T Panda

4 thoughts on “Look out Beary Poppins! Here comes TROUBLE!!!

  1. Linda Lawrence

    Ooooo! One of those Mommy Mei & Biscuit felties has my name on it! Will go to your site & put in an order (plus a couple other “desperately needed” felties) in next day or two. So adorable.

  2. Teresa

    I’m waiting for Bébé Maurice to go to learn English at the Pinksonian Zoo … why isn’t he going to spend a season? His parents don’t allow it? I’m sure Pinky would teach him to be more adoooorable #Unresisdabel

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Maybe it would be a good idea to wait until Six and Sebben are gone! But I think their parents have been discussing this.


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