It’s Sunday Funday!

When I don’t have a planned theme for Sunday’s panda ‘toon Palooza, I sometimes randomly spin the date listing wheel and see what comes up. Maybe that will suggest a theme, or maybe I’ll just find some of my all time favorite ‘toons! Next week we return to Daylight Savings time, so that is a good place to start…

Maybe it’s an all Panda Kindergarten day!

Bob explains daylight savings time to the panda kindergarten
spring back, fall forward?
The panda kindergaten knows where you live.
this old den 2nd episode
The panda kindergarten is so very helpful.
Nothing like a bit of the great outdoors to straighten up the panda kindergarten.
Put your paws together for the panda kindergarten!

Don’t you want to hire…

Nobody expects the panda kindergarten.

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Be the Bear and have a happy Sunday!
Bob T Panda

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