It’s Fabulous Furry Friday- Huzzah!

Editors Note:  I seem to have unleashed a firestorm of discontent over my story line to let Mr. Wu run away to join the circus in the company of the panda kindergarten. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that as Mr. Wu has been growing up and getting more adventurous, that it was the natural next step in a young panda’s life.  What little panda wouldn’t be tempted by the bright lights and the roar of the crowd?  Who amongst us hasn’t wanted to run off and join the circus at some point in our young life?

Fear not! Mr. Wu will come home safely from his adventure, but not just yet. I can promise you that. In the meantime, Le Cirque du Pandet is waiting…..

Who wouldn't want to run off and join this circus?

Who wouldn’t want to run off and join this circus?

Stay tuned for Mr. Wu’s most exciting adventure, as pandas everywhere say, hey! I want to join the circus too!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. panda

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