It’s Christmas Eve…Day 24 and “All I Want for Christmas, is Wu!!!!!!”

It’s Christmas Eve and all the little panda kindergarteners are snug in their beds, hoping that Pandy Claws will come down the chimney with lots of gifts, conveniently overlooking how very NOT good they have been this past year.  Do we need to count the ways?  I think not…we are hoping that Pandy Claws will overlook one …or …um…3,679 slightly naughty things they have done this year.

Those of us who are devoted to pandas have already gotten one very big gift this year, and that is of course our “little gift”  Xiao Liwu, affectionately called “little Mr. Wu” by those of us who love him and would like to get our hands on his furry little patootie…oops.  Excuse me…I get carried away when thinking of his cute Wu self.  So today’s cartoon is dedicated to Mr. Wu.

Leaping out of his holiday wrapping, we want to take this little gift home with us!

Leaping out of his holiday wrapping, we want to take this little gift home with us!

I’m taking tomorrow off from posting, but I’ll be back with more pandas on Wednesday!  You may have noticed that Mehitabel has been taking some time off from the pandas, but rest assured she is well and will be back in January to whip those panda kindergarteners into shape!

We do not forget the sadness we all felt earlier this fall when the new cub of our beloved Mei Xiang, did not survive this fall.  No one said being an endangered species was going to be easy.  We love our smallest bear in San Diego no less, and perhaps a bit more, than we might have otherwise.  To those of us who are having a less than jolly holiday, we hope we  pandas have lightened the darkness just a little at least. There is much in the world both at large and personally that makes us wonder if there will be light after all the darkness. Keep the faith, and be the bears.  I couldn’t do it without you.

Be the Bear,

Bob T. Panda

10 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Eve…Day 24 and “All I Want for Christmas, is Wu!!!!!!”

    1. Bob T Panda

      It is hard to separate sadness from joy… it’s all in the contrast. (very appropriate for those of us who are black and white, don’t ‘cha think?) Best wishes for the new Year. May Mr. Wu live long and prosper!

  1. Carole

    Much love to you, Bob T Panda – you and your friends (Mehitabel, the Panda Kindergarteners and Ms. Belov) do indeed lighten our days.

  2. Norma Cooper

    I know this is just a tad late, but it took me quite a while to figure out how to get to my emails on my tablet, and using the laptop was beyond my back and neck. Perhaps I should wish you a happy Super Bowl day, or early Valentines day, since my heart belongs to pandas and Mr. Wu……but don’t tell Yunior, he was number one until King Fluffy Butt took over. Somebody needs to get Sweet Daddy Gao Gao’s Fluffy, Furry, Sexie Feetsies! Bai, please work on the feet. When you gave Mr. Wu his little ride I still think things would would have gone better if he had not said “giddy-up momma, Wu rides…..” Love grammmie


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