Oh My ears and whiskers! Here we are on day 27

I realize I have a drawing to make up as I took Christmas day off (oh, WHAT a slacker!) but I will get caught up this weekend.  I was a little late getting todays drawing to you as I had to take the aforementioned errant iMac to the doctor today, as the candles and sacrifices were no longer working.

Meanwhile, while I wasn’t even watching, the “page view count” for the entire existence of this blog reached 50,000!  Huzzah!   Thank you for making my new years wish come true.  Well, I have other wishes, but they are not of the frivolous pandish sort, so this is probably not the time or place for them.  Although, if anyone has an inside track with any divine beings, I have a friend who could use a little help right now.  Just askin….thanks.

And now for today’s drawing, “TIME for Cuppycakes!”

"OH cuppycake,  we could have a wonderful time together."

“OH cuppycake, we could have a wonderful time together.”

Now about those new years resolutions the panda kindergarten is supposed to be writing….

Be the Bear!

Bob T. 50,000 visits Panda


2 thoughts on “Oh My ears and whiskers! Here we are on day 27

    1. Bob T Panda

      Thank you, thank you, and I haven’t forgotten about my blogger of the year award….I was waiting till the beginning of january (after the 31 days of pandas is over) so that I could give it full attention.


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