4 thoughts on “Fasten your seat belts! There may be turbulence!

  1. billieandhersite

    I know where Banky Pig is, and I am not telling! Pinky will take all of Bubba’s savings for her cubpaign.
    I will vote for Pinky over the Orange Menace any day, but there has to be a better
    Way than taking Bubba’s money. I like the idea of putting all the expenses on Daddee’s Panda Express, but Mommee is ever on watch. Oh, the horns of dilemma, oh, the sword of Damocles, Etc., etc.,
    This is such a cute, clever toon! Thanks for the laugh!
    Hope you are surviving all the packageing, mailing. Thinking of you. I just finished my last newsletter for my volunteer organization. Huzzah!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Definitely do NOT tell Pinky the location of Banky Pig!

      Still waiting for the arrival of Bubba and Ping (pins)…wouldn’t it be fun if they came to visit? I know where there are bamboo shoots, about to come up in the road! They could get paid for doing road maintenance and have a snack at the same time!

      1. billieandhersite

        My lips are sealed on the whereabouts of Banky Pig!
        As much as I love Pinky and her slightly(?) nefarious ways, Banky Pig must be saved. Bubba is so kind hearted that he would help his Zizzy. I hope he does not weaken, but he is so kind hearted that he might. And he loves his Zizzy. Mommee must keep an eagle eye out for any Pinky shenanigans. Have we checked Mommee’s blood pressure lately? I am sure it bounces around a great deal. Have we thought about some meds for Mommee and the Zoo Director?
        Banky Pig, stay safe and hidden!


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