Fabulous Furry Friday presents…

Today is Earth Day and we almost forgot to celebrate it. Of course, anything with pandas is rather celebratory, so um…have I convinced you of anything yet? Darn… sO let’s just forget all about what we might or might not have forgotten, as Fabulous Furry Friday celebrates Earth Day because….

We R Endangered!

Yes, that’s right, pandas are endangered and if you think we are going to let you forget it, you have another think coming!  Check out this fun video I found about pandas on youtube!

After you’re done watching that, here’s the Friday line up for this fabulously furry day!

This was way too much fun. :o)

You forgot your Binky Bar!

One of my early 'toons! (and still one of my faves!)

One of my early ‘toons! (and still one of my faves!)

Vote for pandas! We're endangered!

Vote for pandas! We’re endangered!

Does being endangered have NO privileges?

Does being endangered have NO privileges?

...we will always have Paris....

Pandas support all endangered animals!

Keep cool, cat, and don't go blaming women for stuff. That is SO not the way to get votes...

Keep cool, cat, and don’t go blaming women for stuff. That is SO not the way to get votes…

Hope you have a happy and fulfilling Earth day…um…when you’re endangered, does time really matter? Well, yeah, actually it does.

Be the Bear!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday presents…

  1. candygai

    Finally I know how pandas came to Washington State, and more specifically, to Whidbey Island. Anyone from the rest of the state knows that any amount of pandas on Whidbey is irrelevant to the WOOZPAH campaign.

    Whidbey Island is a culture that does not transcend it’s own shores. In fact, the citizens of this majestic island may declare independence from the US the first Wednesday in November. Does anyone have a room for rent?

    Furthermore, pandas have a heck of a time deciphering the Washington State Ferry System schedule. Additionally, lIke me, pandas get in massive amounts of trouble waiting in line. Washingtonians and Pandas from Washington know their local ferries are always blowing engines, missing docks or allowing passenger cars to interrupt service.


    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I am happy to provide factual information to my readers, particularly the little known Endangered Species Exchange act. I am still holding out for Canada to annex at least the western half of the state. Stay tuned, folks.


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