Fabulous Furry Friday

Friday is one of those days. I can’t seem to wrap my head around a week being over so fast. I mean it seems like it was just Monday, and now I have to figure out what ‘toons to share to send you into the weekend. I know what I’m doing later in October, because who doesn’t want to have a re-run of A Halloween Carol, which was Bubba’s first starting role in a feature length ‘toon here at The Panda Chronicles!

And then there is the election…


NO….I just can’t bear it. Let’s have something more fun like maybe this:

I think we'll call this little debacle: Open Late Gate

I think we’ll call this little debacle: Open Late Gate

...or as Bubba says, "dis. not. stan!"

…or as Bubba says, “dis. not. stan!”

And remember Bubba getting ready for his big debut?

And then there was the day he had to figure out what to wear for his debut...

And then there was the day he had to figure out what to wear for his debut…

I'm ready for my close up!

I’m ready for my close up!

I didn't THINK that Pinky knew the "share" word.

I didn’t THINK that Pinky knew the “share” word.

And I know I re-ran this next ‘toon recently, but I just love it so much. Truly Pinky being Pinky.

See? I told you it was broken!

See? I told you it was broken!

Be sure to check in on Sunday, when I announce the WINNER of Toby’s book and swag bag! I used the highly scientific and accurate method of writing everyone’s name on little slips of paper and put them in a bag. I am then going to shake it up, and dump it on the bed and let Mehitabel choose the winning name! Ha! we don’t need no internet goobery automated contest thingies here! we do things the old fashioned way! Kind of like the cute-o-meter (now broken)

Be the (indecisive) Bear
Bob T. panda

10 thoughts on “Fabulous Furry Friday

  1. candygai

    That Bubba-Darling may be the next Dalai Panda. Or something. Because at such a tender age he discovered the secret to happiness; Frosting. Or Fwostin’, as I believe I’ve seen it spelled somewhere. Dear Panda-in-Chief, all official panda-oriented organizations should have you on retainer. Pay you the big buckaroos. Or is that Bambooaroos? This return to Bubba’s cubbyhood reminds me why you were so very instrumental in reawakening my suppressed love for Giant Pandas and then later on why I fell in love so easily with the tiny cubby. Huzzah to you Chief!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you! Readers like you add that certain something that makes doing this even more fun than just sitting in my studio and laughing at my own jokes. Um…I do that too, but ya know, sharing the panda fun does make it better.!

  2. Ann Feldman

    We’re going to visit Mei and Pinky and Bubba and of course Tian Tian in October. We can hardly wait! Of course getting to talk to an actual person at the zoo is like trying to get Congress to… Oh forget it. Anyway, we are going to be there at 8 and hope to be able to see them outside before the enclosure opens at 9. Someone said this is a possibility. In any event I’m bringing my ipad with the zoo’s panda app just in case. 😉

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I’ve gone many times at 8 when I am in town, and the pandas are almost always out by then (or earlier!) that first hour is really lovely and I highly recommend being there when the gates open. You often only have a handful of people there, the most panda faithful. By 10 AM it is starting to get crowded, but usually by then Bubba is played out.
      Happy panda viewing and among the early zoo folks are many personal friends of Bob. Carry a vote for Pinky bumpersticker, or a panda chronicles book to subtly identify yourself. They are a friendly bunch. Say hi for me!

  3. Gina Koo

    I love this week’s Fabulous Furry Friday! Visits to ‘toons past are always welcomed, but when they’re about Bubba, well, they just make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love Pinky ‘toons just as much (of course I had to say that; I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a poofing), but there’s just something about that frosting-loving chubby cubby that wins over everybody else.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bubba has wormed his chubby way into my heart too. Very wise of course to qualify that, vis-a-vis Pinky! Poofing is very unpleasent. Word to the wise.
      Glad this week’s encore presentation brings you joy.

  4. cordeliasmom2012

    Your way of choosing a contest winner is the best way. Maybe you could put the names of our current Presidential candidates into a separate bag and have Mehitabel choose that winner, too. No one else seems to have a handle on it.

    But wait, there may be a new candidate entering the race in the next couple of weeks … keep your pencil handy for a write-in vote.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky says it better not be Cody, because she is WAY cuter than any dog. (Her words, not mine.) On the cute dog front, I just met a friend’s new 12 week old sheep-a-doodle (standard poodle and old English sheepdog) that may (don’t tell) be cuter than a panda!
      And yeah, my method of picking a winner is more fair than these contests that compell you to annoy your friends by begging them to vote for you 10 times a day. Sorry to those of you who have participated in that kind of thing, but they annoy the heck out of me.
      I’ll go for little folded pieces of paper chosen by a cat every time!


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