Double “O” Bubba: A Spy for All Seasons

Uh oh. Has Bubba gotten a little too big for his cubberalls? He should know better than to spy and tattle on his big sister. I mean, what kind of cabinet post can he expect in Pinky’s administration if he keeps this up?

And just what do the Meihems have in mind for Unka Bob in the Pink House?

Oh Bubba! What were you thinking?

Oh Bubba! What were you thinking? And now that Mr. Bun is back, don’t you think Pinky should treat him better?

I just want to give a shout out to all my new readers here at the Panda Chronicles! Helloooo Panda Fans!!! Last week was a tough one, out in the real world, and we have retreated to the world of pandas to catch our breath, before we go out there again and try to make the world a better place.  And if you need another dose of pandishness, check out Pinky’s Aunty Sandy’s video of her little brother being a pest here!

Don’t forget to tune in on Friday for the Meihems’ pandapalooza celebrating their third birthday on July 16th. (I believe they are getting their cakes on Friday, so if you want to watch that live, check on the Zoo Atlanta Panda Page!)

Be the Bear!
Don’t spy on Pinky!
Bob T Panda

12 thoughts on “Double “O” Bubba: A Spy for All Seasons

  1. Sue Marquez Coad

    Pinky is a very smart panna girl, I’m sure she will realize the benefit of Bubba letting the world know what an innovative thinker she is !! She did the world a favor by poofing Mittens, maybe into another dimension where he can do no harm !! Pinky should receive accolades & medals for ridding the world of nefarious Mittens !! Unka Bob & the Meihems should embrace Pinky instead of giving her ultimatums !! Pinky4President !! Vote4Pinky !!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky seems to be the teflon panda. Nothing bad that she does seems to stick. Can we let her get away with this? Well, yeah it IS a good thing that she pooled Mittens, but…

  2. Sue Marquez Coad

    Pinky is not malicious… to her way of thinking, whatever she does is for the benefit of Man…uhh…Bearkind !! Huzzah !!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes, Pinky is very selfless…hahahahah! Did I just say that? I must have had one too many bootinis! There’s a reason her favorite book is “The Princess’ Guide to World Domination”

  3. Gina Koo

    If more people knew of what a dangerous being Mittens is, I’m sure Pinky’s poofing act will be dismissed, and she won’t even have to put on her charm. But I’m not so sure that Mr. Bun will be forgiving her any time soon. The poor guy. As for Bubba, well, I suggest that he hire a 24/7 body guard known as “Mama”.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes, I think too many people have been swayed by “Mittens'” charm and wealth. He is a truly dangerous cat and should not allowed to take office. More pandas need to register to vote, and vote the Cake Party ticket, whether it is Pinky or Bob T. The important thing is that Mittens not be allowed to wreak havoc on the world.

      Mama is keeping a close eye on Pinky as regards her little brother. But she can’t watch Bubba 24 hours a day, and so sometimes, he gets on Pinky’s nerves. He will have to learn to deal with Pinky and not always count on Mommee to protect him.

  4. Jayelle (@GreenEyedLilo)

    Poor Mr. Bun! She dropped him! The Canadian twinkies never dropped him!

    I love her little angry face. Someone remind Pinky that pandas are endangered and every one is precious, even little rat fink brothers…

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Mr. Bun does need to address Pinky’s cavalier attitude toward Bun safety!The TTwinkes were very respectful of Mr. Bun and treated him with gentleness. I suspect Mei will remind Pinky that she may not abuse her little brother. As you say, We R all endangered, even rat fink little brothers.


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