Cue the theme from The Twilight Zone

Once again, the Panda Chronicles predicts…

So, I try to work at least several weeks ahead on my ‘toons (doesn’t always happen, but right now I am in good shape for keeping the pandas running on schedule.) At least I am when I remember to post them. (Friday was a LIDDLE late, but who’s counting?) So let me say right now that I wrote today’s ‘toon several weeks ago and then I heard this story on NPR this morning.

I think this subject warrants further panda satire scrutiny, as does the “commemorative pin for bogus event” idea that our Embarrassment in Chief dreamed up to add money to his coffers. How many people think the sales of those pins will go to decrease the national deficit? Uh Huh. Me neither.

But meanwhile….you never know who is listening.

The Mommee Security Agency is always watching

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Bob T panda

7 thoughts on “Cue the theme from The Twilight Zone

  1. SeattleGirlSK

    I got nothing on fake stuff; I can’t handle the news, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson, so I can’t watch it on the telly and I’m trying to leave social media. I mean, didn’t I vote for Pinky in November 2016? Jeepers.

    I gots lots to say about us Mommees. However, I’ll make it short. The NSA, and most organizations, has nothing on us. Parenthood makes us Warriors!

    I hope the Greater Seattle ☔ weather is better tomorrow than the average Memorial Day. 🌷

  2. Gina Koo

    I used to be able to ‘intel’ on my step-kids without using high-tech electronics other than the normal telephone and my own two ears. There is no higher power in spying than a mother.
    Too bad that Pinky and Bubba discovered Mei’s secret microphones and cameras. However, I do love Banky Pig’s quick escape and especially Bubba’s beanie propellers spinning out of control upon his discovery of the camera.


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