Bear With Me!

Hee hee! Our grizzlies in residence are back again (and soon will be launching their own show on The Panda Channel!) for more misBEARhaving! A good thing too, since we need some large, furry distractions from the NooZ of the week. When is someone going to admit that maybe HWMNBN does not have all his marbles? Did he really call the President of Italy President Mozzarella? 

In the immortal words of Dave Barry, I am not making this up!!!

Those grizzlies are awfully sneaky!

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday for the exciting conclusion of our Encore Presentation of The Wizard of Wu!!!!

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

2 thoughts on “Bear With Me!

  1. billieandhersite

    Love Frank and Mikey! Do they have a clue on what Nooz to broadcast? Will their stories be about their misadventures with cars they happen to find? Will they go after Kravenclaw again?
    Maybe as a snack? On the run? With all the beer he likes, he should be soft and slurpy!
    I am interested in Princess Pinkie pins as well as Bubba and Wu pins. I have 5 great god children, and was thinking about a set of three for each of them for Holiday presents. So I guess I would need 5 Pinkies, 5 Wus, and 5 Bubbas! Do you have that many in stock?
    Let me know!
    Hope you are recovering. Don’t have a relapse by overdoing! I know of what I speak! Be good to yourself!
    I go in for my physical close to Halloween, and I’ll get to hear what all the prednisone has done to me. Oh, joy! At least, my cravings for salt have gone down as my prednisone is being slowly, slowly reduced. Now if we could get the Orange Idiot out of the Presidency, I know my blood pressure would be better!
    My best to you! Huzzah!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Frank and Mikey are very excited about their new show! it will be premiering soon, on a panda channel near you.
      I will get back to you shortly about available pins!I just wrapped up (literally) some painting work, so hopefully tomorrow I can dive into the pin box and see what I have.
      I’m glad your prednisone journey is winding down. what a pain.(literally)


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