A Look Back at Pinky’s New Year’s Resolutions

I’m trying not to make any formal New Year’s resolutions this year. That said, there are things I would rather not keep doing (scrolling endlessly on social media before getting out of bed) and things I would like to do more (work outside in my yard, eat more healthy food, and not stress myself out)

In the interests of not stressing myself out so much, I do not have a brand new ‘toon for today, as I kind of took the weekend off to read and nap and then before I knew it, it was Monday afternoon and it wasn’t raining and it was kind of warm, so I went outside and now there is no new ‘toon for tomorrow.

But since what I probably would have done was a new ‘toon on the resolutions Pinky’s mommee prepared for her, and since I’ve escalated about as far as I can escalate that joke, I thought I’d share them with you here, going back as far as I can find resolutions for Pinky.

Here we go!

Okay…this first one isn’t an actual Pinky resolution ‘toon, but it’s one of my favorites and I bet it’s one of yours too…

See? I told you it was broken!
Pinky: “rules are for other pandas.”
Bubba: my resolution was just to chew my food more, an’ mebbee not eat so much frosting. Ping: ping!
You would think Pinky would already have improved her behavior by now…
It was either this or a double semi-tractor trailer!

This year I think Pinky is going to resolve to do all she can to get Mittens out of our lives, even if it means she needs to support Joe Biden for president.

(Pinky: as if!!!)

If you are in the mood to see what last year in ‘toons were the ones that stuck out to me as the most emblematic ‘toons of the year, panda hop on over to my Substack page (Nazi-free since 2022!) and see my year in Review posts. The first one is tomorrow!

Thanks to all of you who have hung in here with me, all these years. We are going to need each other more than ever in the year coming up!

Be the bears!
Bob T I’m not scared if you’re here Panda

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