31 Days of Pandas: Day 8 ~ Beary Poppins Returns!

I don’t know about you, but one of my reactions to extreme stress is taking lots of naps… so…um…if more episodes of Beary Poppins are *delayed* I hope you’ll cut me some slack. But never fear, no matter how slow the ink pen is skating over the page, there is plenty of 31 Days of Pandas content to fill the void. Huzzah!

But no point in worrying about that for now, as we DO have a brand new episode of Beary Poppins all ready to go, coming right up. Hopefully it will take our minds off the fact that the Minions of Mittens are trying to ACTUALLY steal the election, while claiming that the Democrats are trying to steal it by *gasp* counting actual votes. Please make it stop.

Meanwhile at the Panda House…

I think Biscuit and Beary Poppins are forming a real bond!

A Note on Daily Panda Deals…

I’m finding I just don’t have the bandwidth right now to figure out what I have and write copy to let you know. That said, I have lots of pins and patches (except for Pinky) a few pairs of socks, and lots of Washi Tape, so if you think you would like some of it, just send me a message via the Contact Me form (rather than comments) and we can play let’s make a deal!

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda


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