31 Days of Pandas: Day 24 (It’s Crispmoss Eve!)

Yes, it is Crsipmoss Eve, and you know what that means! Tomorrow, by popular request, (okay, it was just Linda, but I bet more of you were hoping  for this, weren’t you?) we will enjoy (yes, ENJOY!!!) The Twelve Days of Crispmoss! (Pinky: starring ME!!!!)

But now, let’s have another (very!) exciting episode of Beary Poppins!!!

uh oh.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. We could certainly all use a little more peace and light in the world.

Be the bear,
Bob T Panda

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the 12 days of Crispmoss!

Have yourself a pandy little Christmas….

10 thoughts on “31 Days of Pandas: Day 24 (It’s Crispmoss Eve!)

  1. billieandhersite

    I knew it! I knew it! Liddle Bikkie is the tail of the kite! Lord preserve us! My ears and whiskers! Protect that poor liddle mite! Good! Now something else to obsess about! Even if it is a ‘toon character! Wait until Mommee Mei gets hold of Frank and Mikey!
    Thank you for all your wonderful ‘toons this year which have kept me sane in the most bizarre world that no one could make up!

  2. bankypig

    “Uh oh” is NEVER a good thing to hear! There’s going to be hell to pay when Momma finds out her baby is flying overhead, hanging onto a kite flown by those bears! Yikes! But oh boy, will Bikkie have a LOT to say about his experience!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Bikkie is having a good time! Beary Poppins, not so much. He takes his responsibility seriously. I think it is safe to assume that Mommee will have a few things to say about this.

  3. Cyndi

    Thank you for providing smiles and sanity throughout this shitshow of a year, my friend! Merry Crispmoss and Huzzah, it’s 2021!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      You are very welcome! Get ready to sing the 12 days of Crispmoss tomorrow. I want to hear everyone from around the world.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Thank you for being here and all your support! The community that has sprung up around these pandas mean the world to me. Here’s to a better new year!


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