101 Bebe Panda-Nation part 3

Uh oh. The villain of the piece has arrived. Babette de Panda: international panda of mystery! (She may be French!) Fortunately, she was able to fit us into her busy schedule, because when there is evil that needs to be done, no one does it better than Babette! Get ready for the next episode of 101 Bebe Panda-Nation part 3!

Wait, Pinky! Don’t answer that door!

Babette can talk anyone into anything.

And in other news…the 2018 Pandamonium Convention of panda lovers is happening! If you think maybe you need to take a trip to Pan-Diego next spring, why not make it in the company of 59 other panda fans? The plans are made, the dates are set…if you are thinking that this might be fun,  check out the Convention Facebook page here.

If this tickles your panda fancy, email the address listed on the image or contact me via the contact form and I’ll send you to the right place.

In honor of the upcoming convention festivities, all of my 31 days of pandas extra posts will be from the collected ‘toons about the Wu Self, famed resident of the San Diego Zoo!

Or you could, you know, get your own copy of Book 4 of The Panda Chronicles: The Book of Wu.

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Bob T Panda

6 thoughts on “101 Bebe Panda-Nation part 3

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Ebil often has a pretty and stylish appearance.
      Sometimes it looks like a turtle, and sometimes it wears an overly long tie and $1000 shoes.

  1. Gina Koo

    NOOOOO! Don’t leave the room! Wait, Pinky wouldn’t fall for such a ploy. She’d offer to go to Babette’s school for exceptional pandas, because, well, Pinky IS the most exceptional panda in the whole world (according to Pinky, of course).

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      But then the story would end with, “and Pinky slammed the door in Babette’s face and absolutely nothing happened till Pinky and Bubba’s parents came home, The End.”


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