Yoo Say It’s Your Birthday

Now, there is some possibility, as we move into ‘toons about Pinky’s Birthday, that she will behave…um…rather badly. No, no. Keep your faux surprise to yourself. You can’t fool me. I know that you know that Pinky has been known to behave in a way that her mother most definitely does not approve of. And when you add the fact that it is Pinky’s Birthday into the mix, and, that Bubba’s birthday is one day earlier….

Let’s face it. You are asking for trouble…

Complete with a flashback to the Meihem's party just a few weeks ago...

Complete with a flashback to the Meihem’s party just a few weeks ago…

Now, I want you to keep this last panel incident in mind, before you condemn Pinky’s actions in the next several cartoons. You can do that right?

Be the Bear
Bob T Panda

8 thoughts on “Yoo Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. Gina Koo

    I believe that Little Bubba is enjoying this a little too much. He’s becoming quite the sassy little lad, isn’t he? But then again, Pinky does deserve to be put in her place (wherever that may be these days) every now and then, even if it’s by her little brother.
    Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I think Bubba has suffered enough at the hands of Pinky (even though MOST of the time she is a very sweet big sister.) If Bubba is delighting in a little bit of discipline for Pinky….well, that’s to be expected isn’t it? Stay tuned.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      And I bet you never let her forget it. Or she, you, for that matter. Hee hee. Poor Pinky. She has suffered so much in her short life.
      Bubba: nuh uh!


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