Truth…or BEAR!

There have been so many stories of bears in the Nooz lately. Are the bears being especially naughty? Or are there just more people filming the naughtiness of bears since almost everyone has a camera in their pocket?

Whatever the reason, we have bears coming out of our ears! (Which is better than hair coming out of our ears…) But here at The Panda Chronicles, we say, you can’t have too many stories about bears! Here, to tell you about bears and play a little Nooz quiz, are some of our favorite bears: Frank and Mikey (an don’t forget Pookie!) on a show we are calling;

Wait, Wait, Don’t Eat Me

Can you tell I listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me?

Be the Bear!
Bob T I crack me up! Panda

Keep those bear stories and videos coming!

10 thoughts on “Truth…or BEAR!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pookie IS very wise. More bears coming later this week. So many bears in the Nooz!

  1. Lora Schweikert

    Oooh….I LOVE to listen to “Wait, wait…don’t tell me…” And you are right, there have been several bear related stories involving food being “confiscated” lately. . Really good stories. (no bears were harmed during the stories!) Every time I see/hear a story of food going missing I always wonder “where ARE Frank and Mikey right now?”

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I must confess: I’ve gotten more than one ‘toon idea from the stories on Wait, Wait. That there were some bear stories recently, was a bonus. (Of course ANY story can be a bear story if you…um…put a bear or two in it.) Thursday’s ‘toon subject is ripped right off the radio from last week’s Wait Wait!

  2. Jeannie Meyer

    I just read yesterday that Frank (or was it Mikey? Definitely not Pookie) got stuck in a window after entering a man’s house and eating his dinner items, along with some snacks. Shades of Pooh?

  3. Jim Taylor

    …> “Can you tell I listen to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me?”

    — Ah, yes! But can you write limericks?

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      If you sofa is covered with hair,
      And the food in your fridge isn’t there
      You might want to check
      The chair on the deck
      ‘Cause you might find that you have a ____

      How was that? I just wrote it now!
      Do you think I’m ready for Wait Wait?


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