The Panda House is Overflowing…

Now where were we?…Oh yes. Josie (Frank and Mikey’s sister and Pookie’s mom) has arrived. Lun Lun and Yang Yang snuck off from the goodbye party for Ya Ya, leaving Six and Sebben at the Panda House in DC (Bless their hearts!) Mei Xiang has been trying to figure out where to put everyone including Six and Sebben.

And then there is the new penthouse suite that Pinky had built for herself…

If none of this makes sense or rings a bell, just go back a month or two in the archives and catch up. What are you waiting for?

Oh no! Six and Sebben hav hacked Pinky’s security system and hijacked her elevator! And Mr. Bun went with them!

Stay ‘tooned for further developments!

Be the Bear!
Bob T is on indictment watch Panda

8 thoughts on “The Panda House is Overflowing…

  1. Jeannie Meyer

    Mei Xiang: Excuse me? Panda Protective Service? Someone abandoned two lovely little girl pandas on my doorstep…no, I’ve never seen them before…no, I really don’t have room for them. I understand that France has a vacancy now?

  2. Teresa Orozco

    Oh My … , Pinky needs the triplets as bodyguards. Urgently, yes. It can’t be that Six and Sebben invade her penthouse suite, but the worst thing is that they take Mr Bun.
    Pleeze, Bob T, do something to fix this. What has no solution is that BéBé Maurice has already left for Chengdu. That makes my heart sink, and I also can’t bear to see Pinky’s disgust.

    All ’bout Pinky, all da time

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      We’ll have to see if the triplets are available. I’m sure Pinky will figure out some way to get her penthouse (and Mr. Bun!!!) back. Stay ‘tooned. I would never let something really bad happen to Pinky!

      I too am sad that Bebe Maurice has gone to China. We had him a good long while, and we still have the twins.

  3. June H.

    WHAT????? Six and Sebben outsmarted Pinky? Are we living in an alternate universe right now? 😳😱 ** Thank you Bob T. for another great toon — as usual, I laughed out loud!

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Six and Sebben are actually pretty smart. If only they would use their cleverness for good instead of evil. sigh….I’m sure it will all work out, one way or another.


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