The Great Debate

For those of you in the know, TODAY is the Meihem’s birthday. Huzzah! But. Pinky refused to give up her cartoon today, so Fabulous Furry Friday will host The Salute to Meihem! Be sure to check in on Friday for Pandapalooza X 2!

It was inevitable that Pinky and I would have to have a great debate, live on the Mehitabel Tonite!!! show. I think she is getting some unfair advantage, what with being on magazine covers and newspaper stories all over the place. It’s time to even the score!

What about us pandas who have been around for a while? Are you going to throw us over for each new furry face that comes along? And Pinky has hacked into my computer AGAIN and I can’t get her graphics off of my headline.

Can anyone stop this pandapocalyptic menace?

Don't mess with Pinky.

Don’t mess with Pinky. Or her minions.

Stay tuned folks! Politics is a bear!

Be the…um….Bear,
Bob T. panda

10 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. Paul

    My question is: Where does the Donald fit into this? Is he pro Pinky? Is he going to surround her for the oil? Will he paint the White House Gold if he wins? Pinky is focusing too much on Bob while The Donald creeps up in the polls. Pinky should be more situationally aware. The Donald is gaining more voters everyday. Soon he will be the Commander in Chief and be in charge of the largest military in the world, complete with nuclear missiles. Pinky needs to start attacking the Donald if she hopes to run the free world.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Pinky says:who is da donald? Is he anudder panda? We try to avoid reality at all costs in da panna house. I am trying to distract unkka bob and she who draws me from iccky reality. But i will look into it. Or moving to Canada. Maybe cuzzin da mao will take us all in.
      Dat scenario is too scary for a small panna.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      I hope it shall be so! At the very least, not The You-Know-Who!
      Mehitabel Tonite! is one of the best shows on TV. Even if it’s NOT real.

  2. candygai

    The Pinkster is a Stinkster. Which is definitely part of her charm. I love that the little girl minion adores Pinky and may be following in her footsteps. Pandasharks forever. They deserve a summer something to buy next May in the Pandyland Shop at Cafe Press. #WayBetterThanSharkWeek

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      Yes, the Minions definitely need their own little something to share in the Pandyland store.
      Pinky is definitely a force to be reckoned with (I know I’ve said this before. I am hearing rumblings behind the scenes (and it has nothing to do with what I ate for lunch) which could put Pinky in her place. what is Pinky’s place any way? Pinky would say “In the Pink House, a’course!”
      We shall see.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      She is a chipplette off the old Pinky. “You are going down!” How can someone that cute be menacing? Stay tuned tomorrow for the Meihem Pandapalooza!

  3. JT

    Psst…story tip for the producers of “Mehitabel Tonite!” Please try to get Limberbutt McCubbins on as a guest for either an interview or a debate with the pandas. (Limberbutt is a cat, whose people in Louisville KY recently filed all the correct paperwork to let him run for president. Story is all over the Interwebs.)

    I’m sure Mehitabel would be honored to have another cat on the show and I can see a lively discussion between L’butt, Bob T and Pinky; plus, the newcomer’s motto — “Yes we cat!”– has a certain appeal.

    I’m remaining undecided until I see how this all comes out.

    1. Panda in Chief Post author

      OOOO! Thank you for the most excellent tip! We will have the show producers of Mehitabel Tonite! contact Limberbutt’s “people” to see if we can get him on for an interview. Mehitabel loves to feature other cats, and would love the opportune ity to interview someone other than a panda. Now I must go and see what his “platform” is. (probably one of those carpet covered multi-layered things.)


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