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And the envelope please…..

We here at the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire are pleased and excited to announce that our new fil-um, Your Brain on Pandas: the Movie, is now showing on Youtube, and not only that, it’s been nominated for an Oscar!  (In the category of Best 2 minute film about cartoon pandas.)  be sure to watch it at:


We will be back later this evening when our lazy and indolent cartoon-ographer brings you the story of Pandas Fat Tuesday.  (OK, OK, every day is fat something for pandas, but no need to rub it in!)

Till then, here is an earlier panda movie that had rave reviews:

panda movie

panda movie

Till tonight,

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

As the Pandas Turn….The History of the Institute for Contemporary Panda Satire Continues…

So, as we return to our story, after discovering panda videos on youtube, where else was there to go?  The Zoo websites, of course! The San Diego Zoo has a wonderful website with a little section called “Meet the Pandas”. I started to notice that pandas don’t all look the same.  In fact, one of the pandas pictured look like a real party animal. He seemed to be saying, “Where’s the beer, eh?” even though he isn’t Canadian. This led me to make my own “Meet the Pandas” cartoon.

So that got me thinking, “well, just what do pandas do when they have a potluck dinner party?

Tomorrow! Secrets of the Wild Panda Revealed!

Be the Bear!

When Cake is Outlawed, Only Pandas will Have Cake

A recent youtube video shows one of the San Diego Pandas having cake! I would post it here, but I don’t know how to do that sort of thing. People don’t realize how hard it is to type with big furry paws.  Anyway, I think it is listed as “Panda Birthday Cake” and shows one small panda’s dedication to the concept of “Cake!”

Be the bear!

Bob T.