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Meihems to the Rescue

When you need pandas, you can’t do better than a little bit of Meihem to fix what needs fixing. Needless to say, Pinky is going to need some extra persuasive coaching to be convinced to come out from under the covers. But meanwhile, back at the zoo, there was some real life drama happening. Bubba’s real life counterpart, Bei Bei had to go in for emergency surgery, due to a “lemon size lump of bamboo” plugging up his guts. He is back home and resting quietly (I believe Pinky is reading him her rough draft of her autobiography, in order to lull him to sleep) and I’m sure I will have a ‘toon or two relating to the ordeal, but first, this!

When you need help, best call for MEIHEM!


Care for a little Meihem?

And don’t forget to get ready for this years 31 Days of Pandas! We have a special treat, The Travels of Mini-Bob! Get ready to join Mini-Bob as he visits Merry Olde England, and some historic sights (and Pooh Bear!!!!!)

Panda On!
Bob T Panda

Girl Power Lives On

Just between you, me, and how ever many of the millions of people out there in the cyber are listening, I gotta tell you I am still severely depressed over the election results. I am going to do my best to panda on, because the alternative is just too grim to think about. I have responsibilities to you all! The pandas give me what little hope I have for the future. If I ever needed some panda power, now is as good a time as any. And panda girl power is even better.

Last weekend, I spent 3 days with a group of illustrators and writers of books for children. It did more than I could have believed possible to lift my spirits. We did some good work under the guidance of our wonderful illustrators in residence, Catia Chien and Christian Robinson. It reminded me that the way I will survive the next months and years will be to make creative work, be it painting, illustrations or pandas! 

So, it’s gonna be a bumpy road. I know many of you are hurting as well. I will keep the pandas coming,although  they just might not be as funny as they have been. I’ll try to keep the selections for my Friday encore presentations on the light side, because…well, because we need that.

Panda On!

girl power

Will there be cuppycakes?

Be the Bear,
Bob T Panda