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Episode 5: Pinky in Wonderland

What’s with all that bombing going on out there?

I hope everyone is having a lovely 4th of July holiday, for those who celebrate (and for those of you who have a day off from your various labors. There are no paid holidays among the self employed, you know!) The right wing propaganda media has claimed that today is the beginning of the second Civil War. Would that be the War on Civility, or did they have something else in mind?

I am endlessly entertained and cheered by the Writers of Twitter, who are whooping things up with their #secondcivilwarletter parodies over on Twidder. If you are a partaker in all things tweeting, I highly recommend getting yourself over to read the many #secondcivilwarletter offerings and maybe take a crack at writing your own! It’s really fun.

Creativity lives! And so does Pinky…on with our story!

Drink mee!

General Bob T Panda; Biscotti division of the Bamboo Irregulars