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And the envelope,please…..

 We apologize for leaving everyone hanging, when we told you that we would announce the winners YESTERDAY and now it is TOMORROW (or in some parts of the world, the day AFTER tomorrow) but the panda kindergarten hid my laptop, so what could I do?  Any way, here we are now to bring this particular bit of silliness to it’s frenzied peak and announce the winners of the “Where in the World is Babette de Panda” contest!

But first, let’s hear what our contestants are going to take home with them!  First, all our prize winners will be included on the Roll of Honor!  But wait! There’s more!  You also have been designated an F.O.B. (Friend of Bob) and our top prize winners are further designated as V.S.F.O.B.  (Very Special Friend of Bob).  And that’s not all!  The winners will also receive a genuine hand pulled lithograph cartoon, signed by Bob’s cartoon-ographer, of the panda kindergarten performing in “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Pandas”  Now aren’t you sorry that YOU didn’t enter?

In terms of sheer number of photographs taken, Babette‘s new best friend Lucilla is clearly deserving of the grand prize.  Babette had so much fun in Singapore and Cambodia, that she has been invited to accompany Lucilla in future travel.

Remember, don't give Babette your credit cards!

Next in the V.S.F.O.B. catagory, is Frances A. who showed Babette around the city that doesn’t sleep, and it certainly doesn’t sleep when Babette de Panda is in town!  Frances also distinguished herself with her extremely amusing stories of Babette’s escapades in the Big Apple.  Sorry about the room service bill.

Our next contestant pushed the boundaries of panda fashion, with her yellow polka dot bikini which she created for the lovely, but definitely “panda-esque” figure of the lovely Babette.  Sylvia C. took Babette and her Bikini to Laguna Beach for a little sun and fun.

Babette building a sand castle

In the clever and enigmatic photos of Babette category, it was difficult to top this “revealing” photo of Babette taken by Auntie Jackie.  It really made me laugh!

"Behind" the scenes with Babette!

Honorable mentions in the “Travels of Babette” category go to Cyndi A., for taking Babette to meet the most adorable junior panda in the US, (the divine and adorable Po of Atlanta) and Victory S. for introducing her to the incomperable David Ossman of Firesign Theater fame. Also Faith W. receives a special mention for inviting Babette to an intimate dinner party with a few close friends.

 We also had several people create new outfits or variation on outfits for Babette. In this category, M-Lou V., Victory S., Weegee Knine, and Auntie Jackie  added to Babette’s considerable wardrobe.  (As if she didn’t buy enough clothes on Bob’s credit card already)  Here are a few of our favorite outfits:

The "M-Lou" variation

Dangerous Babette!

Tres elegante!

We also want to send a special “shout out” to blogger and panda-booster, Miss Demure Restraint, who has been so kind to the pandas and said many nice things about us and sent many new fans our way.  Although circumstances have prevented her from participating in this bit of fun, I know she would if she could.  We know you are with us in spirit, Miss D.  The bears are with you!

Well, that concludes our contest!  Thank you all for adding to the fun and festivities of the dark days of winter.  No matter what your circumstances are, we can all use a bit more fun and laughter in our lives.  Rumor has it that this year’s panda kindergarten (at least in MY world) is up to even more naughtiness than in years past.  And, with the summer Olympics coming up and the as yet unconfirmed rumor that Bob may throw his hat into the presidential campaign, The Panda Chronicles is definitely the place to be!  And there will definitely be cuppycakes!

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda and friends

Babette: Making new friends around the world!

Tomorrow is the big day, when we will reveal the winners of the “Where in the World is Babette de Panda” photo contest.  But, until then, I offer one of my favorite photos, which shows that everyone loves pandas!  (And especially Babette!)

 You can be sure that these two gentlemen were honored and delighted to meet Babette, the globe-trotting panda extraordinaire!

See you tomorrow!

Be the Bear

Bob T. Panda

Drum Roll Pleeze! Another Roll…Of…Honor Recipient!

Before we get started here, I’d like to welcome my most recent subscribers!  Hope you enjy the fun!

Be the Bear!

Okay, maybe I should ask people whether they want to be singled out for the Roll…of…Honor…but…NAH!  It’s the old saying, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission.  Today’s Roll of Honor honoree is none other than Henry Nicholls, who wrote The Way of the Panda.  This is a real book about panda history and panda science, and as someone who is often accused of “only looking at the pictures in art books and reading the cartoons in The New Yorker,” I actually read and enjoyed Henry’s book.  So what did Henry do that landed him on the Roll of Honor?  Well, he stumbled across this very blog while he was writing his book, and contacted me asking both how I got into panda satire and whether I knew any other examples of it.  I never even knew there was such a thing as panda satire!  And then, I “offered” to let him use one of my cartoons in his book, and he fell for it….I mean he graciously accepted.  Not only that, he listed my blog address and gave me a photo credit.  So, The Way of the Panda contains the first internationally print published version of one of my cartoons. And, he put a link on his blog, also named The Way of the Panda, to The Panda Chronicles! Is that cool, or what?  Definitely Roll of Honor material.  So thanks Henry.

Here’s the cartoon that appeared in his book:

And remember,

Be the Bear!

Bob T. Panda

Another Entry to the Roll of Honor

What was I thinking? no Roll of Honor could be complete without listing my very first readers and supporters in my quest for Panda Satire World Domination.  Of course I am talking about Catherine and Jason DeWitt of DeWitt Custom Framing in beautiful and bucolic Freeland Washington!!  I probably used up several reams of paper and fax film sending them my first cartoons, until they got rid of their fax machine. ( Hmmmmmm. do you suppose all those cartoons had anything to do with that decision?)  Well anyway, thanks for helping start me on the road to panda satire!